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Redmond, WA

Outpatient Research Site

Phase I-IV Outpatient Research

Our full-service facility is equipped to conduct studies that require outpatient and extended day visits.

Clinic Space


We have 2,500 sq ft of dedicated clinic space for outpatient studies

Patient Rooms


We have 8 fully-equipment patient rooms for short and extended visits

Laboratory Space


We have over 1,000 sq ft of dedicated laboratory space.

Convenient location for our patients & sponsors

We are ideally located in the Redmond Medical Center, just minutes from some of the region's largest employers including Microsoft, Google, Nintendo, and Facebook.

Our facility has easy transportation access. We are located approximately 35 minutes from SeaTac airport, just minutes off two major freeways. There is a park & ride and bus terminal located directly across from our facility and two new light rail stations coming in 2025. Our building also offers free validated parking.

  • 2,500 square foot locked and secured and locked facility with 12 patient rooms equipped to handle a variety of research projects

  • 1,000+ square feet of dedicated laboratory space and phlebotomy room

  • Patient lounge

  • Locked and secured archive/file room for document storage

  • Secure drug storage facilities 

  • On site free parking for study participants

  • EKG machine

  • Emergency equipment, crash cart, and defibrillator with board certified physicians on site

  • Vital signs machine and scale

  • Generator backup

  • Phase 1 beds (7)

  • Phase 2 kitchen and laundry service on site

  • Workout equipment avaliable for exercise requirements

  • Secure wireless internet access for patients 

  • Separate monitor offices

  • Conference and meeting room 

  • On site blood drawing and processing lab with IATA certified staff

Drug & Specimen
  • Double locked/secure medication room with video surveillance

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring systems

  • -80 freezers (3) with generator backup

  • -20 freezer with generator backup

  • Scientific grade refrigerator (3) with generator backup

  • Ambient drug storage

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