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Research Services

Phase I-IV Clinical Research Studies

Proven success with our sponsors

We provide sponsors comprehensive clinical trial support for Phase I-IV clinical trials. We offer expert pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and medical device trial capacity, as well as data entry to EDC software systems and regulatory affairs services. Additionally, we provide scientific advisory, protocol review, protocol design, and clinical trial logistical planning services.

Phase I-IV Support Services

In-House Recruitment

We have a dedicated, in-house marketing and recruitment team for our studies as well as partnerships with a network of providers for referrals.

In-House Marketing Team

Our dedicated in-house team is trained directly by the clinical team on each study for the most accurate and efficient marketing efforts.

10K+ Participant Database

Our database is made up of individuals who have previously engaged in research with ERA or have requested to be notified of new and upcoming studies

In-House Nurse Recruiters

Full-time, in-house nurse recruitment team for rapid and responsive enrollment, low-screen failure rate and increased study completion rates.

Owners Referral Network

ERA is a privately-owned, independent research group. All of our physicians are practicing ER providers, providing a unique model to accessing potential study participants across the acute care spectrum. 

High Patient Volume

With over 125K+ patients seen per year across our multi-site ED and Urgent Cares, our owners are in a unique position to refer qualified patients for their studies.

Diverse Patient Population

Our referral network expands across the Eastside of the Greater Seattle area, servicing patients of all races, ethnicities, ages and medical conditions.

Rapid Enrollment

With the capability to conduct some studies in the acute-care setting we have the ability to rapidly screen and enroll patients in a high-patient volume setting.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities

Our unique model of both inpatient and outpatient operation allows us access to a high volume of potential subjects for clinical research studies across with a sweeping variety of diagnoses and health statuses. We specialize in rapid study start-up. efficient enrollment, and quality data delivery.

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