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Midland, TX

Outpatient Research Site

Phase I-IV Outpatient Research

Our full-service facility is equipped to conduct studies that require outpatient and extended day visits.

Multiple research locations

We are located in Midland, TX, which is just outside of Odessa, TX. Our dedicated research space is conveniently located inside the Vital Care Urgent Care location, allowing us rapid enrollment and increased patient access for both acute and chronic conditions. 

In October 2023 will be opening a second research space of 2,500 sq ft to meet the growing needs of our research site.

Facility Amenities & Staff

  • Exam/procedure rooms (4) - located at two separate locations

  • Secured archive/file room for document storage

  • Fully equipped lab space 

  • WiFi throughout facility

  • Secured facility

  • On-site parking

  • Conveniently located in Midland

  • Phlebotomy trained staff

  • Staff certified as CNA's & MA's

Drug & Specimens
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring systems

  • -80 freezer (1)

  • Scientific grade refrigerator (1)

  • Ambient drug storage

Meet our Midland, TX team

Our highly experienced team of professionals are committed to providing quality patient care and the highest-level of ethical standards.

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