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Current Studies

Midland, TX

Cold, Flu & COVID-19

Doctor making covid-19 PCR test for male patient at home. Millennial guy undergoing corona

Flu & COVID-19 Detection Study

We are now enrolling for a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a nasal swab collected by an adult in the diagnosis of Flu and COVID-19.

 Other Studies


Female STI Testing

We are now enrolling for a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a diagnostic device for female sexually transmitted infections.

Our physicians at ERA have partnered with a sponsor who are researching the effectiveness of self-diagnostic devices for sexually transmitted infections in women. Participants will undergo a self-swab test as well as control swabs to compare the results of each device.

Senior Woman Suffering From Chest Pain While Sitting On Bench.jpg

Heart Failure Detection Study

Clinical trial evaluating the validity of a current blood test in the diagnosis of heart failure in adults

New research study evaluating the validity of the American Heart Association's current guidelines for B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) blood levels as an indicator of heart failure. Eligible participants will undergo a single blood draw.

Interested in another study?

To become a study participant for future studies offered by ERA, please join our patient list.

Eastside Research Associates - Midland, TX*

4400 N Midland Drive STE 406
Midland, TX 79707

located inside Vital Care Urgent Care
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