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Redmond, WA

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Cold, Flu & COVID-19

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COVID-19 Nasal Treatment

Clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational nasal spray treatment for COVID-19.

Qualified participants will be compensated up to $3,800 for their time.


Diabetes Studies

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Type 2 Diabetes Medication Study

Enrolling now!

We are currently looking for interested participants for an upcoming study evaluating an investigational oral medication vs. insulin in the management of type two diabetes.

Adults with Type 2 Diabetes who are overweight and have a diagnosis kidney disease or cardiovascular disease may qualify. 


Other Studies


Cardiovascular Risk Outcomes in Overweight Adults

We are now enrolling for a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational medication on cardiovascular outcomes in high risk overweight adults.

This study is evaluating an investigational medication vs placebo on the long term morbidity and mortality of adults who are overweight and have other cardiovascular risk factors.

High risk adults over 40 years of age with a BMI of 27 or more may qualify.


Alzheimers Detection Study

Clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a blood test for early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Dementia. 

Participants enrolled in this study will undergo a CT and MRI scan, lumbar puncture for cerebral spinal fluid sampling and a blood draw.

Blood Test

Cancer Research

We are now enrolling for a clinical trial working to support future development of cancer diagnosis through individuals blood samples.

This is a study collecting a single blood sample from an individual. These samples will may also be used in the development of future tests.

Interested in another study?

To become a study participant for future studies offered by ERA, please join our patient list.

We are currently enrolling for studies in a number of areas, even if the studies are not published publicly below. If you cannot find what you are looking for today, you may contact or call (425) 869-6828 to speak with a member of our research team. 

Eastside Research Associates - Redmond, WA

8301 161st Ave NE, Suite 204
Redmond, WA 98052
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