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Female STD Self-Testing Study

The study will evaluate the effectiveness of a self-testing device for sexually transmitted diseases.

Our physicians at ERA have partnered with a sponsor who are researching the effectiveness of self-diagnostic devices for sexually transmitted disesases in women. Participants will undergo a self-swab test as well as control swabs to compare the results of each device.

If you are interested in participating in this study or have questions about your eligibility, perform a self-check below and request a phone screen.

Participant Enrollment Criteria
  • Females ages 14 and older AND

  • Sexually active with a STD-positive individual OR sexually active with multiple parters 

  • May or may not have symptoms of an STD including, but not limited to, pain when urinating, unusual vaginal discharge, pain in the stomach or pelvis, pain during sex, pain in the stomach or pelvis, bleeding after sex, and/or bleeding between periods

  • Not a healthcare worker

  • Read and write English

  • Additional criteria may apply

Participants Will Receive
  • Compensation up to $250

  • Study-related medical evaluations

Location and Time
  • 1.25hr visit at Eastside Research Associates in Midland, TX

Join our participant list for future studies.

Please fill out the following form to join our participant list for current and future studies. A member of our study recruitment team will receive your information and reach out to you within one business day.

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