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Join a paid diabetes study

Take control of your health

Access high-quality study-related care, medications, and devices at no-cost to you. Our dedicated team is there to help you improve your diabetes while enrolled in our studies.

Cutting-edge technology and treatments

Qualified participants have early access to the latest advances in diabetes treatment and devices before they reach the market - which could be years in the future. 

Get compensated for your time

Qualified participants are compensated up to $5,000 for their time, effort, and travel. Exact compensation varies on study and other eligibility criteria. 

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Let's Get Started

What types of studies are you iterested in learning more about?
"I have participated in many different types of medical studies at ERA over the last few years. l love knowing that I am helping to advance the future of medicine. As a nurse, I can be skeptical of medical establishments but have always been impressed with the knowledge, care and dedication of the physicians at ERA.

- Robyn N.

Eastside Research Associates is a dedicated group of physicians who are partnering with sponsors to collect the data needed to advance the management and treatment of diabetes. 


We are now enrolling individuals with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes for multiple medical research studies at our clinic in Redmond, WA. These studies may provide potential treatment options and a healthy lifestyle plan. Individuals are compensated for each visit depending on the study eligibility.   |   425-869-6828    |

8301 161st Ave NE, Suite 204
Redmond, WA 98052

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